What Is A Mid Life Crisis?

Apr. 30, 2012

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Each and every one of us has some idea what a mid life crisis is. However, I want to know what it really is. All I know is that it is somehow different for men and women and not everyone experiences it. From my point of view, young adults get middle life crisis because they dread the changes they fear will make their lives different. Of course, this is true but it is not as scary as you might think. Once women and men understand that they cannot turn back time, everything goes back to normal. Even though it is called mid life crisis it is not a "crisis" for every middle aged adult.

Most adults have a period of time when they consider the changes in their lives which will play a role in their future. This period is actually what is known as mid life crisis. With time our bodies start to physically deteriorate, we get sick more often, we need better health services and often we find ourselves taking care of our own elderly parents.

Sometimes all it takes to get this mid life crisis is to have problems with your carrier or any marriage issues. Another thing which might make you experience this crisis is thinking of how leisure time is going to be spent. Mid life crisis is also caused by financial concerns. Many people cannot afford to pay for the same leisure activities and keep the same lifestyles they have had before retirement. Other concerns which take a significant place in mid life crisis are related to thoughts of whether or not the person had accomplished everything they wanted to do in their life as they might feel there is not enough time left now.

This is commonly met. Unfortunately, many elderly people become more comfortable with the idea of dying only if they have accomplished everything they wanted and if they consider the decisions they have taken throughout their lives right. DSM-IV, which stands for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, reports mid life crisis as a type of adjustment disorder, precisely defining it as "a maladaptive reaction to an identifiable psychological stressor(s)". Another thing being suggested is that mid life crisis actually exists only in people's minds.

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Individuals have different experiences and even though adults might have very similar events happening in their lives, these events are still very different considering the way people accept them. Sometimes when adults are bored or discontented they tend to question the decisions they took in the past, and what direction their life is now going. I agree that coping with mid life crisis is not easy at all, but yet I believe it is a challenge which is possible. When adult experience crisis they should learn how to accept inevitable changes and learn how to be more happy and contented with their lives.

Adults should also know how important it is to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Even though not everyone accepts it, it is true that physical activity can heal mind, body and spirit. In case your mind, body and spirit are strong and healthy, coping with the mid life crisis will not seem such an impossible task but a mere challenge that you can overcome.

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