Moving Out Of the Comfort Zone

Have you pondered about your daily activities and progress or by the lack of passion in your life?

You go to the same job every day, even though you prefer to spend your time somewhere else. You do the same chores and run similar errands. You think the same thoughts and therefore feel the same way day in and day out. You meet the people you met yesterday and the days before and talk about familiar topics. And you wonder why you are unhappy and unfulfilled.

You are still where you are, doing what you have been doing and engaging with the familiar group of people because you refuse to move beyond your limitations. You have not had the courage to bring something new into your life and achieve more than what you are capable of.

If you wish to create something different from this day on, you have to let your fears, doubts and uncertainties go. The simplest way to begin is to name your goal and start to do a little something immediately and continue until you succeed.


The worst that can happen is making mistakes. But then those mistakes are better than not having done, learned and achieve anything worthwhile. You will reach a point when you will gather enough experiences to get things right. Can you imagine what would happen, how you would feel, and what you will achieve once you get it right?

So, if there is something that you dislike, you have to start doing something constructive to remove it. Wishing that things would change won't work. Your better tomorrow depends on you. It means making a decision to shift your thinking, habits, and attitudes. It is all within your control.

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