Possible Strange Holiday Season

Nov. 26, 2010

A worldwide phenomena of unemployment, cut salaries, devalued currencies, bank bailouts, political instabilities, massive geological damage done by petrochemical mining, food costs hikes just to name a few of the events, and none of which appears to be slowing due to the Christmas/Holiday season. Here in the US many can still pretend all those things that have Europeans in the streets protesting is not their problem. Why? They still have jobs, can pay their mortgages, can afford to fill their cars with gas, go on vacations, have savings and 401k(s). Unfortunately the numbers of Americans quietly dealing with not having employment has increased and the months of November and December will see at least 2 million of those people dropped from receiving unemployment payments.

Word to the wise, celebrate the holidays with vigor and joy but do so on the financial light side to be safe. Meaning cut back on unnecessary spending, especially with gift giving if it means using your credit cards on the hopes of being able to pay off the charges later in the new year.Those of you that are not unemployed be mindful companies can be unreliable right now because you never know what you may find when you report to work on Monday morning.

Last week a teary eyed woman spoke to a reporter about how she was told by her employer the company was sound and her job as plant manager was secure only to find a month later the facility closed with a note on the door saying, "regretfully the company is closed permanently."

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Let wisdom prevail manage your dollars and cents during the holiday season as well as the coming months like toxic chemicals, cautiously. So again do celebrate this year and be thankful for your blessings but do not spend more than you have when buying gifts. I wish you and yours harmony, peace of mind, and wisdom this holiday season!!

Posted by Regena English

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