Change Yourself - Change Your Life

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 1:11

Most of us want our lives to change. We want to have meaning in our lives, we want more time, more freedom to the things we love and to be with the ones we love. We want to live life instead of what many feel is mere existence or enduring a life of drudgery.

As we come to the New Year and start thinking of New Year's resolutions, how to get healthier, get out of debt, find financial freedom, or find the right relationship, we have that sinking feeling that it won't happen again. We'll try just like the year before, and in the end things will fizzle out and we'll be stuck in the same rut that we've been in for so many years. Get Paid to Take Surveys We want change, but don't know how to change. Even worse, we want change, but resist it at the same time, particularly in our behavior. We're built that way, to resist change, but we are also free to overcome that resistance. It's not easy obviously. We wouldn't be in the places we so hate if it were easy, but it's not impossible.

We are tempted to think that if circumstances would just change, then our lives would change. We would be happy. That is foolish. Lottery winners are notorious for being broke only a few years after winning millions. If we are a bit wiser, we may think that if we start doing things differently things would change. That is much closer to the truth than the belief that circumstance must change first, but it does not go far enough. The strange thing is that we must change internally in who we are first in order to change our actions which will then change our circumstances.


How do you see yourself? Poor, rich, unhealthy, healthy, unsuccessful, successful? Take a good look at yourself. What do you hate or want to change in your life? Now what do you want to be? Who do you want to be?

The next step requires faith. Against all logic, all reason, all experience, you must start seeing yourself as that person, you must start being that person. Only then can you consistently make your actions and behavior consistent with your goals, because that is who you are now. As your new actions, or better yet, new habits you've developed, become consistent, your circumstances will begin to change too.

Embrace change, but begin on yourself inwardly. Reject the self-doubts, the inward criticisms of yourself, and criticisms of others. Be open to new ideas, realize that your comfortable habits, thoughts, and beliefs have brought you to a place you hate. Learn to be uncomfortable again. Work on yourself first, take action based on your new self, and the fruit will soon appear.

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