Blissfully Ignorant With the Law of Attraction

By being blissfully ignorant about certain things in this world, you can greatly increase your success rate with the Law of Attraction and making it work for you.

Illnesses can come and go in seconds instead of months. Depending on what you believe to be true, that is what you'll experience. Allow me to explain� Get Paid to Take Surveys

Rhonda Byrne, author of the book "The Secret", told a wonderful story about how she healed her sight. Because she was so blissfully ignorant to the actual methods involved in order to heal her sight, she decided that it was entirely possible to use the Law of Attraction to successfully do it.

The result? She healed her eye sight and has perfect vision.

After speaking to a professional in this field, he explained to her how impossible and quite miraculous that would have been to accomplish. Because she had no resistance around eye repair, it was very easy for her to accomplish.

Being blissfully ignorant is one of the most beautiful things you could possibly achieve.

Life is designed by you. Whatever you believe as true, is true for you and your experience. If you believe money is hard to manifest, then that's your truth. The fact is, there are plenty on this planet who feel that money is one of the easiest things to manifest. Completely contradictory to what others believe. So who's right and who's wrong? Neither! Whatever you believe as truth is true for you.

Just the other day my father made a comment that reminded me of how grateful I am to be blissfully ignorant. He asked me what I had for lunch, I replied "a couple of boiled eggs". "You have eggs a lot, don't you?" � "Yes, I like them a lot!" � "Your cholesterol levels must be through the roof!".


The fact is� I have no idea what cholesterol really is. Nor do I care. It has no importance in my life and the fact that I don't give it my attention or worry about cholesterol levels means that my body remains healthy, because that is what I believe.

My father on the other hand, is a diabetic who constantly is checking his levels and ensuring he has the correct advertised blood sugar levels, etc. He's bought into the idea that you have to have correct levels in order to live healthily.

Being blissfully ignorant of so called "important" life information can do you and your beliefs wonders. If you simply do not buy into what other people are telling you and simply follow your own gut instinct with your decisions you will always move towards more joyful and abundant situations.

Of course, the moment you give away your power and allow other peoples opinions to affect you, that is when your beliefs will start to change. The more you focus on illness and sickness the more of it is being attracted into your life. The more you talk about it to your friends and family and tell them about your latest problems, the more of them are being created.

My advice is to remove your attention from these people in your life. Their opinions are very valid for them, but they don't need to be for you.

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