Aging and Beauty: How Do Women Cope?

Apr. 30, 2012

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There has been a significant shift in how women is viewing aging and Beauty in the last recent years. Studies have shown that aging does not entirely rely on looking good anymore but how good they feel about growing older. This has totally redefined the notion of “aging gracefully” from the past generations.

When a woman turns around 40, she can start to feel the physical changes that manifest in her body. This could be gained weight, loose skin, wrinkles in the face, and even a few white hairs. This is greatly caused by menopausal reasons than aging as hormones are drastically being altered in a woman’s system at this point of time. This can explain the changes in the body and in most cases, the moods too.

But when a woman’s body has adjusted itself to the changes of hormone level, a woman begins to feel at ease with herself. She can now see the progress she has made in her earlier years. She does not mind getting older anymore, as long as she feels okay and remain healthy. Get Paid to Take Surveys

In fact, the study has shown that as moder women grow older, they begin to resist the idea of actually setting an age range of “getting old”. Empowered women most especially has no qualms in exposing their physical flaws or changes due to aging. They have other aspects in their life that gets better as the year comes. This could be their life time career, becoming a great mom, or actually just celebrating their own independence.

The can-do attitude of women today has saved them from the unnecessary worries about the expectations of other people imposed to women in previous generations. Being a Beauty nowadays does not always guarantee a happy life. Achievements and self comfort-ability has become the major factors in making a woman feel like “aging gracefully” contrary to the limited physical plane.

Although the younger generation now might be wary of the changes aging can bring, as they grow older, they began to think differently. The things they have accomplished becomes more important than how they look or what age they are in.

The idea of plastic surgery has become an open option for women to really want to preserve their youthful appearance. No more social context for women to evade when they want to enhance their features or just want to look good. But as women has grown older at these times, they prefer to age in the natural way and not involve themselves under the knife.

Preventive measures are being commenced by women. They take necessary vitamins and minerals to help them create better cells and replenish the lacking parts. To some, sunblock is always a yes-yes. Still others prefer to put on some anti-aging cream for self treatment.

Women has coped with aging and Beauty quite gracefully and appropriately. They have finally found a secret to stay young and attractive is to maintain being engaged with all aspects of their lives. This also include taking better care of themselves, being in happy social relationships, and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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