5 Minute Miracle

It's Monday morning. Alarm bell rings disturbing your sleep. You are feeling tired, dull and lazy and in no mood of going to work but you have to. You force yourself to get ready and reach your work place half-heartedly without even taking the breakfast. In order to activate yourself you take a cup of hot coffee and sip little by little while trying to concentrate on your work.

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Is this the proper way of starting your working day? Certainly not! This type of attitude will lead you nowhere and you will remain unsuccessful throughout your life. It will be of no use if you curse yourself or the circumstances. Your life will not be changed unless you decide to change yourself positively. And if you want to change yourself then nothing can come in your way. Say good-bye to the old habits and start changing yourself little by little.

Are you ready to start your day in a big way? If your answer is yes, then you are a lucky person. I am telling you a very simple, easy to use and most powerful tip which is going to lighten up your life in a manner you had never imagined. I call it a 5-minute miracle.


All that you are required to do is to get up five minutes early in the morning and do a quick work out. Breathe swiftly, raise your arms, move your shoulders, do some yoga, aerobics or some other work out, whatever you can do in just five minutes. The early morning five minute workout is good for your body, mind and soul. It will take away your morning dullness and hopefully you will go to your work place singing your favorite songs. No doubt your positive attitude will further open the doors of success for you.

Do this work out for at least a week. If you are happy with the results then increase the work out time to 10 minutes and pass on this tip to your friends and family members.

Good luck. Be cheerful as success is on your way. And don't forget to thank me. Just kidding!

About the Author:

Hifzur Rehman is a motivational author and the editor of his website http://www.selfimprovement.ch This website is dedicated to provide FREE practical guidance to those who want to achieve extraordinary success in life. Living a happy, healthy and successful life is not a luxury but a human necessity.

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